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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Once we determine that our software is a good fit for your property, we will help you every step of the way with onboarding and integration. We’ll work with you to obtain the data so that we can complete your account setup based on your specific needs. We will provide all training either online or on-site. Before you go live, we ensure you are ready to go and feel confident in using Timeshare Soft for your resort. To get started, please give us a call or our email us here.

Yes! Please download our flyer, which contains information about our company and services.

Our Owner Portal is fully integrated with TSS. After successful owner registration, owners will be able to maintain their ownership(s) and pay outstanding dues online. Their payments and/or reservations are automatically synced into the PMS.

When you’re ready to transition to TSS from your current software, you can leave it to us . Our team of timeshare software experts will be with you every step of the way and will make sure that your account is ready to go, and training is completed before you cancel your other subscriptions. If you have additional questions, or if you are still unsure, please give us a call at 239.465.4630.

Our clients are timeshare resorts, vacation clubs, and management companies. To see feedback from our clients, please visit our Testimonials page or Capterra for more.

  • Verify Adults and Children
  • Room Charges and Folios
  • Vacant / Occupied / Out-of-Service (“OS”)
  • Arrival Date and Departure Date
  • Clean/Dirty/OS
  • Check-in Notes
  • Registration Cards
  • Maintenance Issues Tracking
  • Arrival Reports, etc.


Our preferred method of support is via email, however, we also have U.S. phone lines for non-emergency support and 24/7 support for any urgent support requests, i.e. “TSS Rhea is not accessible.”

The account configuration and training process usually takes 60 days from the date of contract acceptance. It could take longer depending on your availability.

Special Features

Yes. We power our servers with Oracle in the cloud, so you get access everywhere, every time, with no extra cost for equipment and maintenance.

This is an important question. Finding the answer isn’t always easy when searching for new software to manage your everyday responsibilities, customers, properties, and reports. TSS Rhea runs on the most up-to-date technology available and we routinely update it to make sure that you and your customers have easy access at all times.

You don’t need to host anything because our software is in the cloud. Therefore, you won’t need hardware, servers, or an IT team. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

TSS Rhea doesn’t actually have modules because it is one seamless program that we customize to fit your needs. Our reports are highly flexible and powerful, providing you with a variety of filters to extract or access any data that you need to successfully run your business.

You can create unlimited users. We determine the number of concurrent users depending on the size of your company and team.

TSS Rhea has a commission functionality that comes with the software and we do not separate modules. Therefore, you can easily track who rents what and who needs to get paid. Also, you are able to print your checks directly through the system and track previous payments and outstanding invoices.

Yes. With TSS Rhea you can send out batch emails of invoices, invitations, documents, and other information.

Yes, if the API allows it, we are able to integrate your third party software with TSS Rhea. We have designed our software to fully integrate with third-party systems and tools.

Costs & Fees

Our prices vary, depending on the size of your resort. Because our applications are cloud-based, your total cost of ownership is one of the lowest in the market. No additional expenses for equipment, servers, maintenance, or technical staff.

At TSSI, we go out of our way to keep our integration costs well below average. Given the high hourly costs of other resort management companies, our hourly rates will put a smile on your face. At TSSI, our experience and efficiency with implementations and integrations, coupled with our low hourly fees, make us very affordable.

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